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Magnetic Kyphoplasty: New Drug Delivery System For Spinal Cord

Patients with spinal fractures caused by tumors or osteoporosis usually undergo a procedure called kyphoplasty, where the fracture is filled with surgical cement. While kyphoplasty can stabilize the bone, cancer patients are still often left with spinal column tumors that are very hard to reach with conventional chemotherapy, which has to cross the blood-brain barrier when delivered intravenously

People With Hearing Loss Understand Speech By Technology

Researcher uses machine learning to teach a computer program how to remove unwanted noise and enhance speech. Future hearing aid users will be able to target their listening more accurately thanks to new Danish technology. 

One of the main challenges for people with hearing loss is understanding speech in noisy surroundings. The problem is referred to as the cocktail party effect because situations where many people are talking at the same time often make it very hard to distinguish what is being said by the individual you are talking to.

Saunas Linked to Numerous Health Benefits

A stint in a sauna is not only pleasant and relaxing but may also improve health, according to the authors of a new, comprehensive literature review. Among the benefits they identified were a reduced risk for cardiovascular, neurocognitive, and pulmonary illnesses such as asthma and influenza

New Approach to Treat Visceral Leishmaniasis

A new preclinical candidate drug with the potential to treat visceral leishmaniasis, one of the world's major neglected diseases, has been discovered through a close collaboration between the University of Dundee, GSK and Wellcome.

Emergency Exit System For Human Spacflight

India is one step closer to launching people to space.  On the night of July 4 (the morning of July 5 local Indian time), the nation performed the first of a series of trials designed to qualify a crew-escape system, which would get astronauts to safety during a launch emergency.