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Microbes from Diverse Subway Travelers Mix Throughout the Day

Every day, the hundred-mile-long Hong Kong subway system serves nearly five million people commuting from as far away as mainland China. In the journal Cell Reports, researchers show how microbes from these diverse travelers mix throughout the day.

While each subway line hosts a characteristic set of bacteria during morning rush hour, by evening, these unique bacteria join into one uniform microbiome populating the entire system.

Duration of Shedding of Influenza A Virus Linked with Obesity, Study

Obesity, which increases influenza disease severity, also extends by about 1.5 days how long influenza A virus is shed from infected adults compared to non-obese adults, according to a multi-year study of two cohorts of Nicaraguan households. The findings implicate chronic inflammation caused by obesity as well as increasing age as reasons for extended viral shedding, which puts others at risk of infection.

Youth and Women: Envisioning a Better Society

A significant percentage of the population of Bangladesh consists of youth and women, and without the inclusion of more than half of its citizen, a country cannot progress. In order to empower the youth and women in strengthening the country's development, Tanjila Mazumder Drishti, a social activist from Bangaldesh, has been organising and coordinating social development projects focusing on youth and women for the past seven years.