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Examine The Effect Of Microgravity On Human Sperm

NASA is sending sperm cells into space in the hopes to investigate whether a conception of a human life is possible in a zero-gravity environment. The American space agency is moving one step forward in space exploration as the Micro-11 mission carries frozen human and bull sperms aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9. NASA said the scientists are studying the effects of weightlessness on the sperms' ability to fertilize the egg, which is a crucial stage in conception.

Experienced People Reduces Readmission To Mental Health Crisis Units

According to a study, researchers examine that expertise rooted in personal experience, people who have had mental health problems could offer support, encouragement and a model for recovery, helping reduce readmission rates.

Mental Health Conditions

Care from peer support workers with lived experience of mental health conditions may help reduce the likelihood of readmission for people who have recently left acute mental health care, a randomized controlled trial of more than 400 people in England. The study was published in The Lancet.

Balancing Act to Woo Private Investment in Healthcare

The Indian government wants to introduce the world’s largest healthcare reforms. The publicly-funded initiatives that constitute ‘Modicare’ are aimed at improving affordability and access to healthcare, apart from attracting participation from the private sector in this endeavour. Financial sustainability will be key on both counts.