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HIV Testing Effected by Age and Ethnicity, Study

Researchers argue that interventions are urgently needed to reach older adults and Hispanics to address HIV testing and beliefs. Many barriers prevent people from getting tested for HIV, including lack of knowledge, competing priorities during medical visits, and stigma associated with the test on the part of both the patient and provider. Not much is known, however, about what impact age and ethnicity have on HIV testing.

Patient Safety In The ICU

Previous studies have shown that when all members of the clinical care team feel comfortable speaking up, team performance improves. With intimate knowledge of patients’ wishes, medical histories and clinical conditions, patients and their families are increasingly considered crucial members of the optimal patient-centered care team.

However, to have an impact on patient safety, patients and families must feel comfortable voicing concerns about care to the medical team. Currently, little is known about patients’ and their families’ level of comfort with speaking up in real time in the ICU setting. The study was published today in BMJ Quality and Safety.

Clinical Trials, Eating Crickets is Good For Gut

A new clinical trial shows that consuming crickets can help support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and that eating crickets is not only safe at high doses but may also reduce inflammation in the body. A new pilot clinical trial published in the journal Scientific Reports that looks at what eating crickets does to the human microbiome.

Intravital Microscopy Imaging Of Cancer Lesions In The Bone

Scientists have engineered a system allowing microscopic monitoring and imaging of cancer that has spread to the bone in mice so they can better understand and develop a treatment for bone metastasis in humans.

Advanced prostate cancer and other cancers metastasize to the bones, causing resistance to therapy and pain for patients, but it's not really clear what makes the bone so special to prostate cancer progression.