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Emergency Rooms Helping Mental Health Patients

A study determines that emergency room personnel are getting extra help in responding to people who come to their doors with mental and behavioral health issues. The hospital gets frustrated because it's the same people coming through, the same challenges. They walk out the door and there's no follow-through.

The problem, Wilson explained, is that many people come to the ER who don't need to be admitted to the hospital for medical treatment but need help. But ER employees do not have the resources to help guide them toward stability.

Association Between Psoriasis And Risk Of Serious Infections

According to a study, researchers showed that Psoriasis raises the risk of serious infections regardless of other traditional risk factors for infections. Accessing an electronic medical records database, researchers assessed 187,258 patients with mild psoriasis (mean age 46.4±17.5 years; 48.4% male) and 12,442 patients with moderate-to-severe disease (mean age 49.4±15.1 years; 48.7% male).

Cox proportional hazards regression analyses were performed to evaluate the risk of serious infection according to psoriasis severity. The incidence rate of psoriasis in patients without psoriasis (n=954,315) was 78.5 per 10,000 person-years, which was lower than that in all psoriasis patients (88.9 per 10,000 person-years). Analysis by disease severity showed that the incidence rate was highest in those with moderate-to-severe vs mild psoriasis (145.7 vs 85.7 per 10,000 person-years).