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Hookworm Infection: Balance between Immunity and Inflammation

Hookworms infect people mostly in countries where sanitation is poor and people often walk barefoot. Working on a mouse model, a research team has studied the secretion of the immune protein RELMalpha that is triggered in the body, following infection, to protect body tissue. When the researchers knocked out RELMalpha, the mice produced super-killer macrophages that attached to the hookworm in far greater numbers. These macrophages, however, provoked increased tissue damage and inflammation.

Structure Of Integrins Revealed By Cryo-EM

A study collaborates between three labs at UC San Francisco has resulted in an unprecedented look at a member of a vital and ubiquitous class of proteins called integrins (pronounced "INT-uh-grins"). Integrins are associated with fibrosis, scarring, and stiffening of tissues that is associated with nearly half of all deaths in developed countries, and yet researchers had no high-resolution structural model of the proteins in their active state.

Now, a combination of perseverance, technological achievement and insight have pinned down an elusive moving target. The study was published in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology includes Campbell's work, genetic manipulation, and protein engineering, purification.

New Test Diagnoses Heart Attacks Faster

According to a new study, researchers examine a new test to assess a whether or not someone is having a heart attack upon arriving in the emergency room was safe and effective, ruling out heart attack in emergency room patients faster than a conventional method. The study was published in the journal Circulation.

SDG Targets on Healthcare: India Requires a Better Report

The health of all people is not the same; nor is that of all nations. Countries across the world vary tremendously in terms of their burden of disease, and performance in terms of doing what is required. Shortfall in performance can be attributed to several factors that these columns have emphasized: policy, infrastructure, medical staff, and front-line workers.