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Methods to Quantify the Yips and Golfer's Cramp Uncovered

Almost every golfer knows the feeling. Minutes after a picture-perfect drive down the fairway, a cascade of inexplicable missed putts leads to a disappointing triple bogey.

Golfers' lapses in play sometimes are blamed on a mysterious twitching condition called "the yips." But are yips physical or psychological? In a new Mayo Clinic study, published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, researchers combined multiple methods to quantify golfers' yips and identify those with a neurological cause.

Ear Infections In Adults Affects More In Later Stage

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, parents bring their children to the doctor for ear infections more than any other health issues. So if it seems like you’re always taking your kid to the doctor for an ear infection, you probably are! Additionally, “three out of four children will have at least one ear infection by their third birthday.

Officially known as acute otitis media (AOM), ear infections can affect anyone. When a child has an ear infection, it can be difficult for the whole family. Although kids are the ones who get ear infections the most, adults can also get them and they can be seriously painful and annoying. When an adult has an ear infection, the symptoms may also be slightly different.

Spacecraft Need To Survive In Deep Space

When a spacecraft built for humans ventures into deep space, it requires an array of features to keep it and a crew inside safe. Both distance and duration demand that spacecraft must have systems that can reliably operate far from home, be capable of keeping astronauts alive in case of emergencies and still be light enough that a rocket can launch it. Orion has built-in technologies that enable the crew and spacecraft to explore far into the solar system. 

Study Finds The Mechanism of Metastasis For The First Time

Metastasis, or the formation of secondary tumors, is a leading contributor to the vast majority of deaths related to cancer. The exact mechanisms for how broken cellular function appears in cells far removed from cancer's primary tumor remain an area of ongoing research. New work looks to explain a century-old hypothesis for how cancer forms hybrids within the body, leading to metastasis

In UK, HPV Vaccines Introduced for Boys

The UK government has announced that boys in England aged 12 to 13 years are to be vaccinated against human papillomavirus, or HPV. This injection would protect them against HPV infection. HPV infection has been linked to cervical cancer in women and oral, penile, throat and anal cancer among men.