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Synchrotron Imaging Of The Inner Ear

The research found without having to remove the cochlea from the temporal bone synchrotron light can produce high-quality images that allow researchers to distinguish between damaged and healthy nerve fibers and sensory cells. For those suffering from hearing loss, synchrotron imaging may hold promise for the future of imaging the inner ear.

Association Between Weight Trajectory, Health Status, And Mortality In Older Women

Studies describing the effects of weight loss on health rarely consider age. However, weight loss during middle age likely has different effects on your health than does weight loss when you're 65-years-old or older especially when you're older than 85.

Although some studies have found that weight loss in older adults is generally linked to an increase in illness and death, researchers say that these studies were either too short or were based on information that may have been interpreted incorrectly.

Yellow Fever: Tracking the Evolution and Transmission

A pioneering Oxford University research collaboration into yellow fever virus (YFV) has shed new light on the exceptional recent outbreak in Brazil and how the virus spreads. The findings have implications for monitoring viral transmission and could potentially contribute to a strategy for eliminating YFV worldwide. The study is published in Science.

Nepal Infants: Threats of Micronutrients Deficiency

Experts urge authorities to pay attention to areas such as drinking water, sanitation and provision of quality food In an alarming revelation for Nepal, nearly 21% of the country’s children suffer from zinc deficiency.

A report released by Nepal National Micronutrient Status Survey (NNMSS) on August 29,2018 indicates a negative trend in the early growth of children between the age groups of 6 and 59 months.