Neoteryx LLC recently announced that it will supply its Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS) technology, in the form of the Mitra® microsampling device, to Alcala Labs of San Diego for a more efficacious, streamlined approach to monitor patients in recovery centers throughout the United States.

By incorporating VAMS specimen collection and transportation technology into its CleanAssure clinical convenience kits and testing menu, Alcala Labs is the first to commercialize an offering to addiction recovery centers that analyzes a volumetrically accurate dried blood microsample collected from a simple finger prick to test for alcohol and opioids.

Neoteryx's Mitra Microsampler Specimen Collection Device requires minimal training to use effectively. Patients simply utilize Alcala Lab's CleanAssure method of sample collection, which involves a simple finger prick, to collect the blood sample onto the VAMS tip and ship directly to Alcala Labs, who will provide testing and results.

Dry blood sampling technology

"We are thrilled that Alcala Labs has elected to use our specimen collection and transportation technology to streamline their testing process for patients in recovery. We recognize that the road to recovery is full of obstacles and monitoring should be an effortless process," said Fasha Mahjoor, Neoteryx CEO. "Our dry blood sampling technology is superior to the industry's traditional use of urine samples, which can be susceptible to tampering and ultimately alter patient results."

Since this novel sample collection process requires no special training, facility operators are able to collect blood samples on the spot, without their patients being burdened by (and in many cases refusing) travel to a licensed clinic for sample collection. In addition, patients can still receive testing, once they are cleared to return home and continue their rehabilitation. Facility operators can continue to track and monitor patients once they leave the rehabilitation center.

"We believe that transitioning from urine to dried blood samples will simplify the process for patients and ease the burden for recovery centers," said Matt Rifat, Alcala Labs President. "We are pleased that microsampling has become a viable option, and Neoteryx's VAMS technology presented us with the best available solution."