A recent analysis led by the Public Health England (PHE) revealed that approximately 10% of the 50-year-olds with a poor lifestyle have a heart of a 60-year-old man. The results suggested that they (who took the Heart Age Test; done to check if people were at risk of heart attack and stroke) could die 10 years before they should if their lifestyle continues in the manner.

Coronary heart disease (CHD) occurs when there is a build-up of fatty substances in and around the walls of the arteries of the heart making them stiff and narrow. This restricts the blood flow to the heart muscles leading to a heart attack. The PHE states that each month over 7400 people die of heart attacks or stroke and a fourth of these deaths are among persons aged <75 years.

Although the numbers have declined, heart disease-related deaths are still the main reason for death among men and second leading cause of death among women. A simple measure to reduce the numbers of deaths would be to lower cholesterol and reduce the blood pressures and living a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise.

The aim should be to keep the heart age same as the real age. The Heart Age Test provides an immediate idea about heart attack and risk of stroke without the need to visit a doctor. The PHE has launched an up to date version of the Heart Age Test and taken the test to check on their hearts.

Then, they could be referred to advise and resources that can help them improve their lifestyles by making better food choices and quit smoking and excessive drinking as well as getting more active. Nearly half of all the persons taking the test did not know their blood pressure prior to taking the test.

Unaware of blood pressure and cholesterol levels are often silent killers that could cause heart attacks and strokes, the researchers said. However, blood pressure check-up required as a first step to understand the goals for a healthy life, they added. The study showed that the hearts of the middle-aged men are older than their actual ages that raise their risk of getting health problems.