According to BBC newsreader George Alagiah, Scotland has improved cancer screening procedures compared to England. Alagiah, a Sri Lankan born journalist, is 62 and is diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer of the bowel that relapsed little before Christmas.

All women and men were offered to screen for bowel cancer once in two years after they turned 50 years of age in Scotland. According to the Cancer Research UK, this can help detect bowel cancers in their early stages.

The chances of survival with bowel cancer diagnosis in early stages are nearly 100% compared to a less than 10% chance of survival if cancer has reached stage 4.

Alagiah said about his condition that if he were to be screened starting at the age of 50, he would have had at least three or four screenings by the time he was 58 when the cancer was first detected.

I said that his cancer was that caught very late. I noted, "My cancer was caught late, very late. Earlier screening is the key. Simply no reason why others should have gone through all the treatment that I've had. "

Alagiah said that when he was 58, he started noticing blood in his stools. He got himself tested, and the doctors found that his cancer had spread to the liver and lymph nodes.

"I needed several rounds (17 to be exact) of chemotherapy. By 2015 October, I have been reporting to be in remission, and I have been reporting to BBC "News at Six" that I have been presenting since 2007. I have relapsed again last year and have been under treatment again," Alagiah noted.

At present Alagiah has been supporting a campaign by Bowel Cancer UK to start screening the population of England from the age of 50 as Scotland does. According to Bowel Cancer, UK, this cancer has been responsible for 16,000 annual deaths.

While lung cancer has been the leading killer cancer, bowel cancer comes second. More than 40000 people in the UK were diagnosed with bowel cancer each year said the charity.

Some of the early symptoms of bowel cancer that need to include blood in stool and via the anus, alteration of bowel habits that lasts over three weeks, severe abdominal pain, the presence of a dragging sensation or lump in the abdomen and significant fatigue and loss of weight