LabConnect, LLC, a leading global provider of central laboratory and support services for biopharmaceutical, medical device and contract research organizations, and Symphony Clinical Research, a worldwide, innovative in-home clinical service provider, announced a strategic collaboration. The two companies have worked together on 17 studies over 12 years and will now focus on seamlessly integrating company services to support the clinical research industry.

By changing the place of the clinical trial to the patient's home, office or destination, Symphony supports study sponsors, removing barriers to their trials by enhancing enrollment and retention. In-home visits greatly improve trials for patients, allowing them to associate the clinical trial process with a place of comfort and convenience.

"Our commitment to excellence drives the collaboration between Symphony and LabConnect," said Nicki Norris, CEO of Symphony Clinical Research. "Together we make patient-centric clinical trials possible."

Patient-centric clinical trials

LabConnect, which offers extensive clinical trial services to support investigative sites, will provide customized clinical kits, specialized laboratory testing, PBMC processing, reporting and logistical expertise to expand alternative site testing to more areas of the international community.

"We value long-term successful relationships and our 12-year collaboration with Symphony exemplifies this," said Eric Hayashi, CEO of LabConnect. "Together we're dramatically changing clinical trial conduct — ultimately helping to bring new medications to market more quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively and improving lives across the globe."

The collaboration will streamline clients' clinical trial conduct through co-developed processes and tools, such as improving clinical kit designs for home health nurses, streamlining reporting for home visits and optimizing clinical collection kit logistics including inbound and outbound shipping.

In addition, LabConnect and Symphony will develop client informational materials to educate all stakeholders throughout the process.