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Genes2Me, India’s first diagnostic chain to bridge clinical diagnostics with genomics has reinvigorated the preventive healthcare sector in the country. Genes2Me has evolved as a game changer in the field of molecular testing by yielding health statistics of today and suitable lifestyle guidance for a healthy tomorrow in India. With a vision to transform genetics for billions across the globe, Genes2Me is continuously moving towards adding value to one’s lifestyle by utilizing their very own genetic blueprint.

Genes2Me reveals about tomorrow’s health as well

So, their bench translational approach is transforming the way genetics; can help people in making informed decisions by scrutinizing their very own genetic makeup. So, Genomics, which is the basis of diagnosis at Genes2Me; primarily involves the examination of an individual’s set of genes; and their interactions through comprehensive analysis. Leveraging the genetic attributes of a person; Genes2Me helps in the dissemination of personalized health and welfare solutions. The state-of-the-art diagnostic lab at Genes2Me along with disruptive genomics testing has proven to be a game changer in the Indian healthcare sector.

Above all, having earned trust and repute in its core service segments i.e Mother and Child Care; Personalized Health and Oncology; the company aims at being a partner in life to each and every individual. With the classic approach for detecting current insights of the body through clinical tests; Genes2Me reveals about tomorrow’s health as well. A healthy person could be the carrier of a mutated gene without showing the symptoms for it. This is where Genes2Me, through preventive healthcare diagnosis and a plausible utilization of gen genetics, helps patients by diagnosing the probability that exists for future diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, cardiac arrest, asthma, cancer or diabetes.

Genes2Me offers a personal guide to your own health

Moreover, many autosomal diseases such as sickle cell anaemia, cystic fibrosis, Huntington’s disease, Marfan syndrome etc. also occur due to a mutation in genes. So, to prevent incidences of breast & ovarian cancer, Genes2Me has introduced a complete BRCA cancer care screening test, which provides complete genetic risk analysis for breast and ovarian cancer in particular if someone has a family history of breast cancer. However, preventive healthcare solutions help in early detection for which Genes2Me has created a new model of healthcare; that will have an impact on the economic and social fabric of human lives and lead to a profound and lasting change in health standards.

So, the role of Genes2Me in bolstering quality healthcare and curbing genetic abnormalities; has already been truly disruptive and transformational with a substantial impact. However, an individual’s personal genetic profile can also provide further insights on what kind of diet; exercise regime and nutrition would be appropriate for the individual to keep diseases in check; avoid weight gain or regain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Genes2Me offers you a personal guide to your own health along; with personalised counselling through their genetic counsellors — ‘GeneSathi’. So, they help users create a complete tailor-made roadmap for achieving individual goals.