Cardiovascular Event Is Low Balling The Threat In Patients With HIV

Cardiovascular Event Is Low Balling The Threat In Patients With HIV
Cardiovascular Event Is Low Balling The Threat In Patients With HIV

According to the study it is stating that baffling rift between the patients with HIV and the right Statin. The study evaluating the risk for a cardiovascular event; is low balling the threat in patients with HIV, and conflicting results on the success of statins is perplexing specialists. Clearly, the risk is not the same for a 50 year old person newly diagnosing with HIV; and starting on new drugs as it is for a 50 year old who has had HIV for 30 years; and was on all those previous metabolically toxic drugs.

Risk for a cardiovascular event

But after a presentation of data from the Rosuvastatin; and HIV Trial the research has yet to go to identifying patients who will benefit from statins. The study finally descide to design their Rosuvastatin; and HIV Trial using the Framingham risk score. The participants had to meet strict criteria so that anyone eligible for preventive care would be excluded: HIV viral suppression no recent use of lipid lowering drugs, no history of heart attack or type 2 diabetes; no family history of high cholesterol, no very high blood pressure; no high total cholesterol levels; and no high high density lipoprotein to total cholesterol ratios.

Cardiovascular events began to emerge during the study period. One participant was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, one with cerebrovascular disease, three had heart attacks; two saw their creatinine kinase levels rise, and then, toward the end of the trial, one participant had a stroke. Because it was a randomized controlled double-blind trial, the researchers had to wait the full 96 weeks to examine the intima-media thickness images and to see which participants had received rosuvastatin.

Diabetes and cerebrovascular disease

That was when they finding that the participants with diabetes and cerebrovascular disease; one of the participants who had a heart attack, and one with a worrying rise in creatinine kinase were all in the rosuvastatin group. In the placebo group, there was little change from baseline in intima media thickness. After adjustment for age, sex, and baseline Framingham risk score, there was “no difference across the arms or between the arms at any point,” but there was an increase in grade 3 and 4 adverse events in the rosuvastatin group.

However, researchers assessing rosuvastatin in both SATURN-HIV; and the Rosuvastatin and HIV Trial. The study testing that the cardiovascular effects of a different statin, atorvastatin, in patients with HIV. Pitavastatin is a newer drug, still under patent; and the cleanest drug as far as drug interactions; Like atorvastatin and rosuvastatin, pitavastatin is clinically effective at reducing low-density-lipoprotein cholesterol, said Aberg, who has been involving in writing statin guidelines for the HIV Medical Association; the National Lipid Association, and the Infectious Disease Society of America.