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Elastronics For Localized Low-voltage Neuromodulation

The mismatch between implantable microelectronics and the surrounding tissue must be narrowed down to reduce immune responses after implantation and allow flexible movements in vivo. The design of implantable soft electronics is a challenge due to limited availability of suitable electronic materials. In the study, they demonstrated an elastic microelectronics device with a Young's modulus lower than the tissue of interest. The system contained a highly conductive, soft hydrogel as a conductor and an elastic fluorinated photoresist as the insulation layer. Results of the study are now published in Nature Biomedical Engineering.

The Causes And Complications Of Snoring

Nearly half of adults habitually snore when they sleep. For some, it is not a problem. For others, it may affect the quality of their bed partner's rest. It can also be associated with sleep apnea, a condition affecting a person's ability to breathe and the quality of their sleep.