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Fentanyl Test Strips Are Effective In Reducing Overdose Risk

Young adults who use drugs find fentanyl test strips useful, residue testing more convenient and testing at home more private, a Brown study found. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid so potent that a miniscule amount equivalent to several grains of salt can cause a fatal overdose. Yet it's difficult for people who use drugs to detect, which presents a major public health hazard given how commonly fentanyl is used to lace heroin or cocaine. The new findings were published on in Harm Reduction Journal.

Neurons Integrate Better With Muscle Grown On Grooved Platforms

Growing muscle tissue on grooved platforms helps neurons more effectively integrate with the muscle, a requirement for engineering muscle in the lab that responds and functions like muscle in the body, University of Illinois researchers found in a new study. Such engineered muscle with integrated nerves has applications in reconstructive and rehabilitative medicine, as well as for engineered biological machines or robots.

Infectious Diseases: New Findings Challenge Existing Strategies

Do the same laws of biodiversity which apply in nature also apply to our own bodies and homes? If so, current hygiene measures to combat aggressive germs could be, to some extent, counterproductive. So writes an interdisciplinary team of researchers from iDiv in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution. They propose that examination of the role diversity of microorganisms plays in the ecosystems of our bodies and homes should be intensified.

The Physical Activity May Preserve Memory In Seniors

Adding to the growing body of evidence that physical activity has a positive impact on cognition, new research shows that these benefits may even extend to older adults with blood and brain biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease (AD) and other common age-related brain pathologies. More total daily activity and better motor abilities were each associated with a boost in cognitive reserve, investigators report.