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PTSD Linked To Cardiovascular Disease And Cancer

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was associated with cardiovascular disease and cancer, as well as the metabolic syndrome, in a new study.

In the  Journal of Neuroscience Research  study of 84 individuals diagnosed with PTSD (39 victims of terrorist attacks and 45 victims of other traumatic events), were most likely to have circulatory and metabolic disorders, whereas females had a higher prevalence of benign and malignant cancers .

Drug Sponge Reduce Side Effects Of Cancer Treatment

Catheters are used today to deliver drugs directly to tumors to avoid broadcasting toxic chemotherapy agents throughout the body. Nevertheless, half of the drug can escape to the rest of the body, causing side effects. Doctors treating liver cancer teamed up with chemical engineers to design a polymer-coated device that can be temporarily placed in the vein coming out of the liver to absorb unused drugs, potentially lowering risk.

RFID: Kellogg Providers To Make Visits Meaningful For Patients

Technology that retailers use to make a shopping experience more efficient could also benefit your next eye appointment. Called radio-frequency identification (or RFID), the tool helps streamline operations by knowing where everything is and where everything goes. It can help a large store maintain a clearer picture of inventory counts, for example.

Mini EXPLORER II: Whole Body PET/CT Project

As part of the EXPLORER total-body positron emission tomography (PET) project, we have designed and built a high-resolution, high-sensitivity PET/CT scanner which is expected to have excellent performance for companion animal whole body and human brain imaging. The PET component has a ring diameter of 52 cm and an axial field of view of 48.3 cm. 

Northwestern Medicine Receives 10 Million Urologic Cancers

Northwestern Medicine received a 10 million gift to fund the creation of a new multidisciplinary institute dedicated to urologic cancers. The Polsky Urologic Cancer Institute of the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University at Northwestern Memorial Hospital (Polsky Urologic Cancer Institute) will offer the most comprehensive approach to treating urologic cancers, including prostate, bladder, kidney and testicular cancers.

Study: Stem Cell Signal Drives New Bone Building

Injuries in rats and human cells , Johns Hopkins Medicine say that they have added to that evidence that they have added bone and fat formation in selected stem cells. If harnessed in humans, they say, the protein known as WISP-1 could help fractures heal faster, speed surgical recovery and possibly prevent bone loss due to aging, injury and disorders.

Study; New Method For Automation Of DNA Origami

Nature has made extravagant use of a simple molecule DNA, the floorplan of all earthly life. Inventive researchers have used the same base-pairing properties that bond two strands of DNA into the familiar double helix to build innumerable useful structures at the nanometer scale.

Study: Kids With Duarte Galactosemia

Developmental outcomes in children with Duarte galactosemia do not differ from those in unaffected children, even with milk exposure in infancy, researchers report. "What I found most striking is how truly indistinguishable the outcome scores were for cases and controls," Dr. Judith L. Fridovich-Keil from Emory University, in Atlanta, told Reuters Health by email.

Study: J&J Doubles Down On Talc Safety Message

The FDA has tested Johnson's talc since the '70s. Every single time it did not contain asbestos," the company said in Dec.19 tweet. It followed by several days the publication of a Reuters investigation that found the healthcare conglomerate knew for decades that the carcinogen lurked in its Baby Powder and other cosmetic talc products.

Estrogen May Protect Menisci Between Thighbone And Shinbone

More than 30 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The degenerative joint disease, often caused by wear and tear, is a leading cause of disability in the U.S. Partly triggered by a breakdown in the fibrocartilage between the bones of the knee joint such as the meniscus, osteoarthritis results in pain, stiffness and less range of motion.