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Research: Influenza Picking Up Speed Across US

The number of states reporting high influenza-like illness activity have expanded sharply across the United States to include New York City and nine states, up from just two states during the previous flu report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). New York State is getting hit particularly hard. Influenza cases in the state have risen by 72% during the past week, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced in a statement on December 27.

A Median 6.8 Years after Stage IV ALK+ Lung Cancer Diagnosis: Optimistic story

According to the National Cancer Institute, patients diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) between the years 1995 and 2001 had 15 percent chance of being alive 5 years later. For patients with stage IV disease, describing cancer that has spread to distant sites beyond the original tumor, that statistic drops to 2 percent. Now to University of Colorado Cancer Center study published in the  Journal of Thoracic Oncology tells a much more optimistic story.

Smoking Cessation Reduced with Drinking, Findings

If quitting smoking is one of your New Year's resolutions, you might want to consider cutting back on your drinking, too.  New research has found that heavy drinkers who are trying to stop smoking may find that their alcohol use can also help them quit their daily smoking habit. Heavy drinkers' nicotine  metabolite  ratio-a biomarker that indicates how quickly a person's body metabolizes nicotine-reduced as they cut back on their  drinking .

Study Suggestion: Head to The Movies, Museums to Keep Depression at Bay

Movies, the theater and other cultural events can help you fight the blues as you age. And the more you go, the less depressed you'll be, new research suggests. The British study showed that older folks can cut their depression risk by 32 percent simply by going to cultural activities every few months. And if they go at least once a month, their risk appears to drop by a whopping 48 percent.

In-flight Medical Emergencies: Report Provide Advice

Physicians can play an important role during in-flight medical emergencies and can help prevent them through patient education, according to a review.  "I recommend that any healthcare provider should feel comfortable providing medical assistance on board and know that resources such as the ground-based medical experts at UPMC are available to provide specific recommendations to the flight crew and healthcare volunteers," Dr. Christian Martin-Gill.