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Simple Method Rescues Stressed Liver Cells

Isolated human hepatocytes are essential tools in preclinical and clinical liver research, but cell quality is highly variable. Now, researchers from Uppsala University have devised a simple protocol that improves hepatocyte quality and enables cells from a wider quality spectrum to be used in standard and advanced cell culture.

The Optimal Immune Therapeutic Strategies For Liver Cancer

AIST medical scientists have presented novel pathways involving T immune cell exhaustion, providing evidence and rationale for designing optimal strategies for immune checkpoint blockades in cancer patients. They succeeded in distinguishing the hepatocellular carcinoma group from the exhausted tumor-infiltrating immune cell composition of liver cancer patients.

ACA Mandate Gone, But A Few States Still Require Coverage

The mandate directing individuals to obtain health insurance or face tax penalties ends on Tuesday for most, but not all Americans. In Massachusetts, an individual mandate that has been on the books since 2006 will continue in the absence of the federal fines that had been in effect since 2014 under the Affordable Care Act but were eliminated as part of the Republican-backed tax reform law passed in 2017.

World's Most Expensive Market For 'Biologic' Drugs

Europeans have found the secret to making some of the world's costliest medicines much more affordable, as much as 80% cheaper than in the U.S. Governments in Europe have compelled drugmakers to bend on prices and have thrown open the market for so-called biosimilars, which are cheaper copies of biologic drugs made from living organisms.