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Nepal’s Health Sector Thrived But the Government Must Adapt to Federalism

During the two-day review of health sector programs held on 17th and 18th December by the Ministry of Health and Population and various development partners, Nepal's progress against the National Health Sector Strategy (NHSS) targets and the annual work plan for the fiscal year 2074 / 75 were addressed.

The National Health Sector Strategy focused on universal health coverage with four strategic directions, namely, equitable access, quality, and multisectoral approach and health sector reform. Efforts have been directed in all these directions with much progress, but the review-as any review should-cautions practitioners to be careful lest the gains made so far could regress.

Children With Altered Mental Status: No Diagnosis

Altered mental status can be a challenging diagnosis to deal with in any setting, including the emergency department (ED), where higher volume and ill patients make focusing on any one patient more difficult. A recent study by Button and colleagues aimed to identify etiologies of altered mental status in children presenting to the ED and to characterize the yield of diagnostic testing in these patients.

Across U.S., Prevalence Of HCV Infection Varies Widely

The prevalence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection varies five-fold across the US, with more than 2 million people currently infected, report researchers.  "We found that there are multiple regions of the US that face high burdens of people with current HCV infection," Dr. Eli S. Rosenberg.  "These regions require different public health approaches to address their HCV epidemics.

Pay-it-forward Model Increases STD testing Among Gay Men in China

Chinese gay men who were offered to free screening for gonorrhea and chlamydia and then asked to donate to the testing of another man were 48 percent more likely to get tested than men who were offered the standard of care. Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's UNC Project-China site said their findings prove this pay-it-forward model could be used to expand other infectious diseases screening, like HIV testing, among gay men in China. Their results were published in  The Lancet Infectious Diseases.

Role of Childhood Trauma in Athletic Success: Study

The story of Canadian speed skater and cyclist Clara Hughes, the first ever Olympian to win multiple medals in both the summer and winter games, is a story of triumph over adversity. Before she was hard into endurance sports, she was hard into drinking and drugs —a teenaged attempt to escape life at home with her father and his alcoholism.

New Findings: Moving from Glass Slides to Whole-Slide Digital Imaging

Whole slide imaging is the capability to scan at high resolution an entire glass slide that has multiple histological sections cut with a microtome, either imaged with brightfield or florescence. Whole slide imaging can be used to advance many aspects of biological research because it can serve as a faithful archive of sensitive or precious archival material, either human or high-quality experimental material. 

Findings: Post-natal Depression in Dads Linked to Depression in Their Teenage Daughters

Fathers as well as mothers can experience post-natal depression-and it is linked to emotional problems for their teenage daughters, new research has found.  Almost one in 20 new  fathers  suffered depression in the weeks after their child was born, according to a study published in the journal  JAMA Psychiatry  and co-authored by Professor Paul Ramchandani of the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge.