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Quantifying the strength of the intrinsic foot muscles

In this study, the strength of the intrinsic foot muscles is being challenging and quantifying for clinicians and researchers. The reliable measurement of this strength is important to assess weakness, which may contribute to a variety of functional issues in the foot and lower leg, including plantar fasciitis and hallux valgus. This study reports 3 novel methods for measuring foot strength – doming (previously unmeasured), hallux flexion, and flexion of the lesser toes.

Titanium Fiber Plates for Clinical Bone Tissue Repair

Researchers from Shinshu University found that, unlike conventional plates, the titanium fiber plates do not cause bone embrittlement after close contact with the bone for prolonged periods. This could eliminate the need for plate extraction and the associated surgical risks.

New Partnership for Early Intervention of T2DM

A new partnership in Leeds has been agreed to evaluate the benefits of a diagnostic blood test which can help predict whether someone is likely to develop type 2 diabetes. The test measures protein indicators or biomarkers in a blood sample. If the test is effective, it will enable GPs to work with their patients to find the best way to keep them healthy or to steer them towards better health.