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Trends in the Health of Older People

According to a study published in the JAMA Internal medicine, the distribution and trend in good health among Hispanic adults approximates that of non-Hispanic black adults, in contrast to the Hispanic paradox. The ageing US population, coupled with its growing diversity, marks a critical need to develop policies above and beyond those regarding access to health care in order to address these widening disparities in health.

Human Elbow Is Stable by Ligamentous Structures; Anatomical Study

According to this study, researchers study on anatomy of human elbow in Human Medial Collateral. The human elbow maintains its stability mainly through its bony structure. Stability is enhanced by ligamentous structures. To allow the ligament-muscular reflex, which protects against strain and stress, mechanoreceptors are embedded in the ligament. This report describes the existence and the distribution of the elbow medial collateral ligaments (MCLs) mechanoreceptors.