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New popular treatment for atrial fibrillation: Biomarker

In this study, researchers examined a biomarker for the use of heart imaging to predict the benefit or futility of catheter ablation. The clinical trial is needed before doctors can reliably use their cardiac imaging analysis routinely with patients, but if confirmed, they say the method should reduce ablation procedures unlikely to work, along with the procedures' substantial costs and complication risks. The study is published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

To Determine the Proper Inhalation Therapy For Asthma Is Effective for EOM

A study conducted experiment, researchers determined whether appropriate strengthening of inhalation therapy for asthma is effective for EOM. The middle ear cavity is part of the upper airway. Therefore, EOM and asthma can be a crucial part of the “one airway, one disease” phenomenon. Based on the concept of one airway, one disease in the context of allergic rhinitis and asthma, optimal level of inhalation therapy for better asthma control leads to improvement in allergic rhinitis.

An Epidemic Outbreak May Adversely Affect Society Functioning Normally

According to a new study, researchers observed that a limiting population movements during an epidemic outbreak may not always be the best approach. This type of response may adversely affect a society's ability to resume functioning normally. When an epidemic outbreak such as those caused by the H1N1, Zika or SARS viruses takes place, containment measures may seem to be the most reasonable solution. The study is published in Nature Scientific.

Development of Blood Test for Alzheimer's Disease

Scientists have developed and validated a blood test for Alzheimer's disease, with the potential to massively ramp up the pace of Alzheimer's disease drug trials. The blood test measures a specific peptide in the blood to inform scientists, with 90% accuracy, if a patient has the very earliest stages of Alzheimer's disease. The research was published in the issue of Nature.