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Mandibular Bone Use for Expeditive Human Identification

A study issued in the Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology has highlighted the use of mandibular bone for the expeditive human identification. As per the study, the ramus of the mandible gave high quantitative and qualitative yield of DNA with thick amplification band of the STR segment as compared to the body and angle of the mandible. Thus ramus of the mandible can be preferred over other sites for molecular forensic investigations.

‘Normal' Blood Pressure Response During Exercise Testing

According to a new study, researchers estimated an individual's peak blood pressure response during cardiopulmonary exercise testing and help doctors screen for hypertension and cardiovascular disease, may need to be revised. They found that peak systolic blood pressure, the first number of a blood pressure measurement that tracks the pressure in blood vessels when the heart beats, increased with age in both men and women up to age 60, after which there was a plateau.