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Outbreak of Multidrug-Resistant Malaria in Western Cambodia

According to a new genetic study, research is on the current outbreak of multidrug-resistant malaria in Southeast Asia originated in western Cambodia soon after dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine became the first-line antimalarial drug. The rate of complete treatment failure in patients receiving dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine has increased rapidly in Cambodia.

Docetaxel for Prostate Cancer: Quality of Life Improved

Adding the chemotherapy docetaxel to standard hormone therapy for both metastatic and nonmetastatic prostate cancer is a win-win-win because it improves patients' overall quality of life (QoL), reduces the need for subsequent therapy, and is cost-effective, according to a new modeling study from the investigators of a major clinical trial.

Stem cells used In effort to treat rare Blinding Disease

People who inherit a mutated version of the ATF6 gene are born with a malformed or missing fovea, the eye region responsible for sharp, detailed vision. From birth, their vision is severely limited, and there is no cure. Jonathan Lin, ssociate professor of pathology at University of California San Diego School of Medicine, and the team were the first to link ATF6 to this type of inherited vision impairment.

Is India ready for NHPS?

The National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS) is based on four assumptions and one hope: One, creating an effective demand to trigger private investments in supply deficit areas, two, enabling tapping of the 30% unutilised capacity in private hospitals for the poor, three, covering 10 crore families with Rs 1,200 per family is affordable, and four, strengthening Wellness Clinics at the 5,000 population level will reduce hospitalisation. The hope is that, in this process, impoverishment will reduce and premature deaths will be averted.