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Lectin from the Sea Mussel Crenomytilus grayanus

The GalNAc/Gal-specific lectin from the sea mussel Crenomytilus grayanus (CGL) with anticancer activity represents ? novel lectin family with a β-trefoil fold. Earlier, the crystal structures of CGL complexes with globotriose, galactose and galactosamine, and mutagenesis studies have revealed that the lectin contained three carbohydrate-binding sites.

Nasal Delivery Of Weight-Loss Hormone

Experimenting with mice, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers have added to evidence that a hormone best known for helping regulate hunger and body weight might also ease breathing problems experienced during sleep more effectively when given through the nose.

In-Hospital Deaths in India Increased with Drug-Resistant Bacteria, Study

An international research group has demonstrated that multi-drug resistant or extensively drug resistant bacteria are becoming a threat to public health in India. Scientists in India and the US have found that in-hospital mortality is significantly higher among patients with multiple drug resistance (MDR) or extensively drug resistant (XDR) pathogens. They published their findings in Clinical Infectious Diseases.

Oncology Drug For Key Genetic Driver of Cancer

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today granted accelerated approval to Vitrakvi (larotrectinib), a treatment for adult and pediatric patients whose cancers have a specific genetic feature (biomarker). This is the second time the agency has approved a cancer treatment based on a common biomarker across different types of tumors rather than the location in the body where the tumor originated.