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Insulin Is Mediated by A Cell-Surface Receptor

In this study, researchers assessed the engagement with its cell-surface receptor and the resulting conformational change, which propagates across the plasma membrane to the intracellular module, remains poorly understood. They recognized for the first time in the visualization of the insulin receptor activation. This study is published in the ‘Journal of Cell Biology’.

Heart Attack May Often Be Missed Among Women

According to a new study, researchers have shown that symptoms of heart attack may often be missed among women aged 55 years or less as these symptoms may be less common than the traditional chest pains. The study reveals that over half of the physicians who attend to these women may miss the symptoms to be caused by heart attacks before these women are eventually hospitalized. This study has published in Circulation

A Set of Nerve Cells in Brain Prevents Convulsive Seizures

According to this study, researchers examined a small set of nerve cells in the brain prevents convulsive seizures in a mouse model of temporal lobe epilepsy, the most common form of epilepsy among human adults. Researchers found Inactivating this nerve-cell population also induces the same cognitive losses that characterize chronic, drug-resistant temporal lobe epilepsy in humans. This study is be published in Science.

Comparative Study Of the Knee Flexors And Knee Extensors

In this study, researchers examined knee joint muscle morphology, specifically absolute and proportional size, and mass distribution, of individual knee extensor and flexor muscles, as well as overall size and balance of these muscle groups, between sexes. It was hypothesised that males would have a significantly larger KF:KE muscle size ratio and females would have a larger biceps femoris long head as a proportion of the KF muscle group than males.

Psoriasis Treating Drug also Reduces Aortic Inflammation

A study presented at the

in San Diego has found that an antibody used to treat the skin disease psoriasis is also effective at reducing aortic inflammation, a key marker of future risk of major cardiovascular events. Researchers have found patients who took the drug ustekinumab had a 19% improvement in aortic inflammation, as measured and confirmed by imaging, when compared to the placebo group.