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Researchers Restore Breathing, Partial Forelimb Function After Spinal Cord Injuries

Millions of people are living with chronic spinal cord injuries, with 250,000 to 500,000 new cases each year-most from vehicle crashes or falls. The most severe spinal cord injuries completely paralyze their victims and more than half impair a person's ability to breathe. Now, a breakthrough study published in  Nature Communications has demonstrated, in animal models of chronic injury, that long-term, devastating effects of spinal cord trauma on breathing and limb function may be reversible

Gut Microbiota-derived D-serine Protects Against Acute Kidney Injury

In this study, we show the pathophysiological role of D-serine in association with the gut microbiota in humans and mice with an acute kidney injury. The results demonstrate the renoprotective effects of D-serine derived from the gut microbiota; shed light on the interactions between the gut microbiota and the kidney, and highlight D-serine as a potential new therapeutic target and biomarker for acute kidney injury

IVF Linked to Lower Birth Weight And Child Growth

A study has linked babies conceived through a type of IVF to lower birth weight followed by increased growth after birth. The University of Manchester led a study of 5,200 IVF children found that singleton babies conceived from fresh embryo transfers -used in thirds of all IVF-are associated with lower birth weights, head circumference, and length, but then grow more quickly, catching up to naturally conceived children by school age