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Study Uncovers Genetic Cause Behind Drug-resistant Typhoid Strain

The genetic cause behind a strain of typhoid's resistance to five classes of antibiotics has been uncovered by scientists at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and their collaborators at Public Health England and Aga Khan University, Pakistan. The results, published in mBio suggest that treatment options are running out for typhoid, and there is an urgent need for preventative strategies including vaccines.

Women Show Evidence Of Previous Heart Attack Scars

Women who complain about chest pain often are reassured by their doctors that there is no reason to worry because their angiograms show that the women don't have blockages in the major heart arteries, a primary cause of heart attacks in men. Researchers show that about 8% of those women actually have scars on their heart that indicate they experienced a heart attack. The study has published in Circulation.

Genome Sequencing and Epidemiologic Analysis Of Institutional Influenza Outbreaks

Adequacy of the current clinical definition of institutional influenza outbreaks is unclear. We performed a retrospective genome sequencing and epidemiologic analysis of institutional influenza outbreaks that occurred during the 2014–15 influenza season in Toronto, Canada. They sequenced the 2 earliest submitted samples positive for influenza A(H3N2) from each of 38 reported institutional outbreaks in long-term care facilities.

An Advanced Therapies For Crohn's Disease

In a recent study, researchers determined the use of advanced therapies for Crohn's disease (CD) has not significantly altered the natural disease course and phenotypes compared with those reported before the era of biologic therapies. This study is published in Gut.