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To Create Nanoscale Materials By Using DNA Material

A team of researchers has produced 3-D images from 129 individual molecules of flexible DNA origami particles. Their work provides the first experimental verification of the theoretical model of DNA origami. Over the past decade, researchers have been working to create nanoscale materials and devices using DNA as construction materials through a process called "DNA origami." The study has published in Nature Communications.

Advanced MR Imaging may Help Avoid Unnecessary Biopsies

The scientists from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), have combined an advanced method of diffusion-weighted MR imaging with intelligent image analysis methods to detect malignant changes in tissues. This method may prevent many control biopsies following suspicious findings from mammography screenings. This advancement holds promise for substantial improvements in the diagnosis of breast cancer.

New Therapeutic Approach Stabilizes Nerve-Muscle Synapses in ALS Mouse Model

A new study led by NYU School of Medicine researchers identifies a novel treatment strategy that preserved neuromuscular synapses in a mouse model of aggressive amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The study, published in the journal eLife, found that the loss of such synapses was reduced in ALS mice injected with antibodies that stimulate a molecule in the muscle which keeps nerves attached to the muscle.

Survival Rates of Newborns in U.S. and Sri Lanka are same, UNICEF

Five newborn babies die every minute on Earth, an "alarmingly high" statistic as up to 80% of them are preventable, according to a new report from UNICEF. That's 1 million children who die on the same day they are born and about 2.6 million who are stillborn around the world. The United Nations' children's agency found that in America, a baby's risk of dying as a newborn is just barely lower than the risk in Sri Lanka or Ukraine.

Impact of BPD on Long-Term Pulmonary Morbidity and Mortality

Although the problems related to the relationships of fetal and neonatal lung damage with later respiratory problems are unclear, a number of effective preventive and therapeutic management strategies with potential reductions in BPD complications have been developed. In this review, the impact of BPD on long-term pulmonary morbidity and mortality and the available preventive and therapeutic strategies are discussed.

An Emotional State Affects The Operation of The Entire Brain

According to a new study, researchers examined an emotional state affects the operation of the entire brain instead of individual emotions being localized only in specific regions in the brain. The brain mechanisms of basic emotions such as anger and happiness are similar across people. Differences are greater in social emotions, such as gratitude and contempt.