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Evaluate CT Scans For Head Trauma Patients In Emergency Department

According to a study presented at the ARRS 2018 Annual Meeting, set for April 22-27 in Washington, DC. The study evaluated head CT scans executed for minor head injury (MHI) in patients aged 18-45 who presented to the hospital's emergency department. Emergency patients are too often given head CT to check for skull fractures and brain hemorrhage, leading to unnecessary heath care costs and patient exposure to radiation,

A Structure And Function Of The Huntingtin Protein

In this study, researchers examined the three-dimensional, molecular structure of the healthy human huntingtin protein with the help of cryo-electron microscopy. This now enables its functional analysis. An improved understanding of the structure and the function of the huntingtin protein could contribute to the development of new treatment methods in the future.

Hepatitis A Outbreak is Spread in North County

Weekly public health reports this week and last have each added a pair of newly-confirmed cases to the outbreak total. Although that's nowhere near the number of new cases that flooded in every week in August and September, it's still a faster pace than the roughly every-other-week frequency that government records show San Diego County averaged before from 2012 through 2016.

 "The outbreak is not over, and the most recent cases seem to be slightly geographically skewed to the northern part of the county," said Dr. Eric McDonald, chief of the county's Epidemiology and Immunization Services Branch.