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Vancouver Archbishop Critiques Euthanasia in Hospice Care

The medical authority Fraser Health in Vancouver, Columbia, has opted to impose a physician-assisted-suicide provision (euthanasia) in its palliative and hospice units, sparking criticism from the local bishop and the director of the facility’s palliative care program. But Vancouver archbishop says euthanasia in hospices is a serious error.

Scorpion Venom Ma Halt Progression of Rheumatoid Arthritis

A treatment that improves the lives of nearly 1.3 million people with rheumatoid arthritis might one day originate from scorpion venom. A new study, published in Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics,  has found that one of the hundreds of components in scorpion venom can reduce the severity of the disease in animal models, without inducing side effects associated with similar treatments. The study appears in the

MD Anderson and RaySearch Form Strategic Alliance to Advance Radiotherapy of Cancer

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and RaySearch Laboratories today announced a strategic alliance with the aim of enhancing cancer radiation therapy through several initiatives, including more precisely targeting of tumors, and improving upon, and making more available, an existing radiation therapy called adaptive radiation therapy (ART), which is currently only used at highly specialized care centers.

Curvature of the Spine: Hormone therapy Might Be Beneficial

Medical researchers have found that hormone therapy (HT) use was associated with a reduction in vertebral fracture risk. A new study shows these same benefits may also guard against a woman's risk of developing hyperkyphosis, an exaggerated curvature of the spine that creates a forward-stooped posture.

Practical Approvals For In-Flight Medical Emergencies

Hearing this call go out at 36,000 feet can be anxiety-provoking for any physician and may trigger a dilemma of whether to respond, or wait to see if anyone else will offer their expertise. They have developed practical recommendations for in-flight medical emergencies for healthcare professionals. The study has published online today in the journal CMAJ.