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Kick goals: Crucial Ingredients To Win Soccer

Associate Professor Anthony Leicht from James Cook University's Sport and Exercise Science group was part of an international team of scientists who examined variables within 240 matches in the Chinese Super League (China's top-ranked league).

Early Alcohol Use in Kids Is a Risky Behavior

According to a new study by a University at Buffalo psychologist, parents who allow their young children to occasionally sip and taste alcohol may be contributing to an increased risk for alcohol use and related problems when those kids reach late adolescence.

Eating Nuts Improved CRC Survival

A new study estimated that patients with stage III colon cancer who were treated with surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy. For those patients who recalled eating two servings of nuts per week, disease-free survival (DFS) and overall survival (OS) were significantly extended compared to those who had not consumed any nuts. Association was significant only for eating tree nuts, which include almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, and pecans.

A New Approach to Treat Microbial Keratitis

Microbial infections of the cornea can have serious consequences, including blindness in the worst case. The treatment of keratitis, a condition caused by certain pathogens, always presents major challenges to ophthalmologists. These corneal infections frequently cannot be successfully treated with the therapies currently available. Fraunhofer researchers are pursuing a new approach: contact lenses with germicidal properties could offer an alternative to conventional therapies. Initial tests in the laboratory and on donor corneas were successful.

Insights Of Dry, Inflamed And Itchy Skin That Plagues Eczema Patients

Researchers have revealed a cause of the dry, inflamed and itchy skin that plagues eczema patients. Medical researchers have now shown that an immune system skewed toward allergy alters the lipids in the skin. The altered lipids allow the skin to crack, water to leave and irritants to enter, setting the stage for eczematous lesions to develop. The study has published in the journal JCI Insight.

A Protein That Moves from A Cell's Mitochondria To Its Nucleus

In this study, researchers have identified a protein, G-Protein Pathway Suppressor 2 (GPS2), that moves from a cell's mitochondria to its nucleus in response to stress and during the differentiation of fat cells. The researchers conducted their study in cell cultures and experimental models that had been genetically modified to lose the expression of GPS2. The study has published online in the journal Molecular Cell.

Acidianus virus in Yellowstone Hot Springs described

A new study explains how a lemon-shaped virus assembles itself and how the virus ejects the DNA it carries into host cells. For seven years as a graduate student at Montana State University, Rebecca Hochstein hiked into the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park.