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To Assess Factors Associated With Emergency Department

In this study, researchers examined factors associated with emergency department (ED) presentation and psychiatric readmission in three distinctive time intervals after the index psychiatric admission. Mental illness is one of the leading cause of disability in developed countries. Building a mental health system that cohesively supports individuals with severe mental illness is a challenge for mental health services.

Leishmaniasis Strain identified in Iraq

In the hot, dry border region between northern and central Iraq, Leishmania parasite infections are so common that they have been dubbed 'Baghdad sores.' Now, for the first time, researchers have studied the prevalence of different Leishmania species and strains in the region. Most cases of leishmaniasis in Iraq, they report this week in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, match an Iranian strain.

Health Outcomes Index: Nudging India to Progress

India is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN-SDG) to ensure “good health and well-being” of all its citizens. The release of “Healthy States, Progressive India” report has spurred a vibrant debate on the status and future of India’s health sector. Understandably, the focus has been on the performance and annual progress of states and Union territories on a myriad of health indicators. This index will help nudge states towards improving their health sector outcomes in the spirit of cooperative and competitive federalism.