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Accessory Ossicles Of The Foot And Ankle; Bone Anatomy

Accessory ossicles of the foot and ankle are normal variants of bone development that usually remain asymptomatic. However, they may be involved in various disorders and become a source of pain such as in fractures, dislocations, degenerative changes, osteonecrosis, osteoarthritis, osteochondral lesions, avascular necrosis, and irritation or impingement of adjacent soft tissues.

Vitamins Can Be Encapsulated And Stored For Extended Spaceflight

In this study, alkaline-degradable microgels based on poly(N-vinylcaprolactam) (PVCL) were prepared and analysed with their regard to stabilise retinol which acts as a model vitamin (vitamin A1). Biocompatible materials that can encapsulate large amounts of nutrients while protecting them from degrading environmental influences are highly desired for extended manned spaceflight.

New Study Points to Tailored Treatment for Depression

A new study published in the journal eLife shows that individuals with high levels of an enigmatic receptor called GPR158 may be more susceptible to depression following chronic stress. The study demonstrates the new target for treating the major depressive disorder, a disease that affects more than 16 million American.