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Heart Failure Considered Similar In Prevalence And Risk Of Death

According to a new study, researchers examined around 2039 patients in both Singapore's restructured hospitals and New Zealand's hospitals, revealed answers to key questions about the epidemiology of heart failure. They set out how two distinct forms of heart failure previously considered similar in prevalence and risk of death, are in fact very different. The study has published in the European Heart Journal.

Albumin Gel From Human Blood

The protein albumin is responsible for many vital processes in the human body. In nature, it only appears as a solution when dissolved in water. Chemists have developed a method of producing various albumin-based gels. Their findings might help to develop innovative drug carrier systems.

Advantages of DNA Barcoding Technique

A new study demonstrated the advantages of an in vivo DNA barcoding technique, which attached small snippets of DNA to different lipid-based nanoparticles that were then injected into living animals.

Unexplored Fall Detection Devices for Geriatric Patients

The high-tech aids, seniors rely on to summon help if they fail, might not be too effective. A new review co-written by University of Alberta researchers concludes that fall detection technologies monitors need to be extensively explored and tested outside the lab settings.