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Australia Treats Self For Heart Attack And Sprang Into Action

In this study, researchers evaluated at a health clinic, remote seaside settlement in Australia, a 44-year-old nurse sensed he was having a heart attack and sprang into action, saving his own life. The man experienced severe chest pain and dizziness while he was the sole medical professional on duty at a nursing post in Coral Bay, more than 600 miles from Perth, the capital of Western Australia. The study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Use of Acetaminophen Overdosing Common

Researchers examined more than 14,000 adults about their recent use of acetaminophen found significant numbers are exceeding the maximum adult daily dose of 4 g (4000 mg). They found that the odds of taking more than 4 g of acetaminophen in 1 day increased 24% in the cold/flu season compared with the off-season (6.5% during cold/flu season vs 5.3%).