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Baclofen Found Ineffective For Alcohol Use Disorders

Scientists at the University of Liverpool have recently highlighted the ineffectiveness of a specific drug treatment for alcohol use disorders.  Although treating alcohol use disorders with baclofen was linked to higher rates of abstinence than placebo, it was not associated with an increase in the number of abstinent days, nor did it decrease heavy drinking, craving, anxiety or depression, according to a study published in Addiction.

Moving Eyes Generate The Eardrums To Move Too

A new study shows that Researchers have found that moving the eyes triggers the eardrums to move too. They found that keeping the head still but shifting the eyes to one side or the other sparks vibrations in the eardrums, even in the absence of any sounds. Unexpectedly, these eardrum vibrations start slightly before the eyes move, indicating that motion in the ears and the eyes are controlled by the same motor commands deep within the brain. The study was published in  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.