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Interpersonal Violence (IPV) Was Associated with Suicidality

A population-based study in Nepal that included both urban and rural areas found that 16.3% of women who experienced any IPV reported a change in their mental health after the incident.

A recent psychological autopsy study of police-reported suicides in Nepal found that at least 61% of the women who died by suicide had a relative who knew they had been physically abused as an adult. Moreover, this study found that in rural Nepal the vast majority of these female suicides (85%) occurred before 26 years of age. 

Significant Clinical Differences Between Men and Women with Sleep Apnea

Researchers from the UCLA School of Nursing examined clinical records and magnetic resonance imaging brain scans of patients who were recently diagnosed with sleep apnea, and discovered several apparent connections between thinning of the brain's cerebral cortex and apnea symptoms. The researchers also could discern distinct changes in brain structures and concurrent symptoms that differed between men and women.

Ebola infection: ZMapp Antibody Delivered by Viral Vector Provides Protection

A new study comparing the effectiveness of individual ZMapp antibodies versus a cocktail of antibodies, administered to mice using recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) delivery vectors, showed the ability to achieve 100% protection against infection by Ebola virus. The study, which reported the best results using a single rAAV-delivered antibody, is published in Human Gene Therapy, a peer-reviewed journal from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers.

Mobile Phone Incentives Raised the Child Immunization Rates

In a study conducted in rural India, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers working in collaboration with Bal Umang Drishya Sanstha (BUDS), a nonprofit Indian organization focused on child health, have found that mobile phone reminders linked with incentives such as free talk time minutes work better than phone alerts alone to improve childhood immunization rates in poor communities. The results of the study, which tracked more than 500 child caregivers for nearly a year, appear in the journal Pediatrics.

Examine Brain Volume In Transgender Individuals

A study examined the structure of the brain and their volume in individuals. Researchers study brain volumes in transgender individuals; they used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). They performed a structural analysis in search of differences in gray and white matter volume based on MRI scans of the brains of 80 individuals between 18 and 49 years of age, divided into four groups of 20 each. The study was published in Scientific Reports.

Role of Heme in Lung Bacterial Infection after TH and stored Blood transfusion

In this study, researchers explored the mechanisms underlying increased risk for nosocomial infection in the setting of  trauma-hemorrhage (TH) and massive transfusion with younger versus older stored RBCs and specifically tested the hypothesis that free heme, which has emerged as a key mediator of pro-inflammatory and pro-oxidative stress reactions in critical illnesses, plays an important role in this increased risk for infection. 

Urodynamics Testing: Guideline linked to its Reduction

Researchers studying the impact of the 2012 release of the AUA/Society of Urodynamics, Female Pelvic Medicine & Urogenital Reconstruction (SUFU) Adult Urodynamics Guideline have found an association between the guideline’s release and whether or not urologists use urodynamics testing.

Pacrotinib: Best Treatment For Myelofibrosis

Pacritinib was significantly more effective than the best available therapy, including ruxolitinib, in reducing splenomegaly and trended toward a reduction in total symptom score in patients with myelofibrosis and thrombocytopenia.