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Small Populations Of Pathogenic Bacteria Is Harder To Kill

A new study shows that a population of bacteria containing 100 cells or less responds to antibiotics randomly not homogeneously like a larger population. Small populations of pathogenic bacteria may be harder to kill off than larger populations because they respond differently to antibiotics . The study was published in the journal eLife .

New Map Of Portal To The Cell's Nucleus

In this study, researchers have mapped the nucleus of a cell has a transportation problem. Evolution has enclosed it with a double membrane, the nuclear envelope, which protects DNA but also cuts it off from the rest of the cell. Nature's solution is a massive by molecular standards cylindrical configuration known as the nuclear pore complex, through which imports and exports travel, connecting the bulk of the cell with its headquarters. The study was published in Nature.

Evaluate The Effects Of Nasal Functions For Integrity Of Grafts

Researchers examined the effects of nasal functions for the integrity of grafts after myringoplasty. Several factors have been investigated to predict the successful outcome of this surgery which includes otological, surgical, and patient-related factors. Myringoplasty is a surgical intervention performed to repair the perforated tympanic membrane (TM) and to eradicate possible future complications of chronic otitis media (COM) with middle ear infections.

Patients Diagnosed With Diabetes Show Signs Of CKD

According to a study, researchers analyzed that patients with diabetes are at risk for kidney disease. But the new research shows that patients could be suffering undiagnosed kidney damage even before they are aware that they have diabetes. Patients who will be diagnosed later with diabetes show signs of chronic kidney disease (CKD) also before their diabetes diagnosis. The study was published in the journal PLoS One.

Eight Labor And Delivery Patients Dependent On Buprenorphine

The partial μ-opioid agonists’ unique pharmacology, including its long halftime and high affinity to the μ-opioid receptor, complicates patient management in a highly kinetic and often urgent field like obstetric anesthesia. Opioid use during pregnancy is a growing concern in the United States. Buprenorphine has been recommended by “The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology” as an alternative to methadone to decrease risks associated with the use of illicit opioids during pregnancy. 

Brain Circuit That Integrates Head And Visual Motion Signals

A study found that researchers have identified a circuit in the primary visual cortex (V1) of the brain that integrates head- and visual-motion signals. They expose the mechanisms by which visual and vestibular inputs to the brain sum together to enable appropriate behavioral responses. The study was published in Neuron.