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AAP Issues Diversity and Inclusion Statement

In a policy statement published in Pediatrics, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is affirming its commitment that all children have optimal health and well-beingregardless of race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, special needs or other factors that make the pediatric population diverse.

Different Genes That Connects with Facial Features Identified

Scientists from KU Leuven and the Universities of Pittsburgh, Stanford, and Penn State have identified fifteen genes that influence the development of a person's facial features. The study findings have appeared in the journal Nature GeneticsForensic scientists may soon be able to sketch a perpetrator’s face based on DNA retrieved from a crime scene, thanks to scientists who have identified fifteen genes that determine our facial features.

Many PCPs Under-prescribe for Acne

A new study, led by researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, suggests that Best Practice Advisory tool (part of the EPIC electronic health record system) failed to change most primary care physician (PCP) behaviors when it came to prescribing acne treatments. The study findings were presented at American Academy of Dermatology annual meeting, at San Diego.

Researchers Uncovered Major Antibiotic Resistance Transfer Mechanism

Researchers have identified the molecular basis of a major antibiotic resistance transfer mechanism. They also developed molecules and a proof-of-principle for blocking this transfer. One of the biggest current threats to global health is the rise of multi-drug resistant bacteria, caused by the spreading of antibiotic resistance among them. The study was published in Cell .