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Common Type Of Synaesthesia Is vEAR

According to a new study, researchers analyzed the signs of a synaesthesia-like phenomenon in which they 'hear' silent flashes or movement. While the effect is barely known to science, the researchers found that this 'visually-evoked auditory response' (vEAR) is far more common than other types of synaesthesia, such when certain sounds elicit a specific color with flashing lights and motion evoking vivid sounds. The study was published in the journal Cortex.

Use of PrEP Grows, However Non-whites not Benefited

Eric Russell, 24, recently joined a health support group for young Latino and black gay men, where he learned about the HIV-prevention pill known as PrEP. He resisted the medication at first, convinced he did not need it and fearful that taking it would stigmatize him.

But after Russell learned more about PrEP, short for pre-exposure prophylaxis, he decided it would be a good investment in his health. The Los Angeles man started taking the drug this year and now encourages other young minority men to do the same.

Potential New Antimalarial Treatment Targets Dicovered

Researchers have discovered crucial new processes that allow malaria parasites to escape red blood cells and infect other cells, offering potential new treatment targets. The team are already working with pharmaceutical companies to use this knowledge to develop new antimalarial drugs – a critical step in the battle against drug-resistant malaria.

Social Health Insurance for the Poor: Vajpayee Arogyashree Scheme

In this paper, the authors of the study first, summarize the key findings on Vajpayee Arogyashree scheme (VAS’s) impact on health and financial well-being. Next, they review the evidence on the potential pathways through which improvements were achieved and whether investment in tertiary care insurance appears to be good value for money. Finally, they discuss the lessons learned from VAS and how these can be used to craft social health insurance schemes in other settings.