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A Better Treatment For Heart Disease Patients

According to a new study, researchers have emphasized the need for better treatment of heart disease patients suffering from additional chronic conditions.Guidelines currently advise clinicians to focus on the patient's cardiovascular status, often ignoring their non-cardiovascular disorders and symptoms, despite these often having a more significant burden on their quality of life.

Forensic DNA Software Plays a Major Role in Crime Investigation

Forensics labs increasingly are using sophisticated forensic DNA interpretation software, which extracts evidence from microscopic or mixed traces of DNA. The software contributes a major role in criminal investigations in which DNA evidence previously was considered too complex to interpret, and also effective at cracking cold cases, according to a study from the Institute of Environmental Science and Research Limited (ESR)

Rate Of Gene Mutation Changes In Space

In this study, researchers evaluate that an important NASA experiment in which astronaut Scott Kelly spent one year in space while his identical twin brother Mark stayed on Earth have started to come in. Last week, many media outlets reported that Kelly's genome has changed by roughly 7% because of being in space.