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Trinity Dual Mobility System for Hip Replacement

New Hip Implant Designed for Use with Optimized Positioning System (OPS) to Improve Stability and Functional Positioning. Corin, a global orthopedic manufacturer and leader in functional implant positioning, announced the launch of the Trinity™ Dual Mobility System featuring new implant technology designed to improve range of motion and reduce the risk for instability and dislocation after primary or revision hip replacement.

[18F]Fallypride Characterization in Parkinson's Disease

Researchers examined regional [18F]fallypride binding in a large cohort of Parkinson's disease(PD) patients and age-matched healthy control (HC) subjects in order to simultaneously determine differences in striatal and extrastriatal D2/3 BPND, with the goal of providing cortical and subcortical binding potentials that can be directly compared. As a secondary objective, we assessed if D2/3 BPND reflected motor severity in PD patients.