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AIDS Stigma Remains in Australia, Research

As Australia marks World AIDS Day on Saturday 1 December, new research reveals the enduring challenge of tackling stigma surrounding HIVThe Stigma Indicators Monitoring Project: People Living with HIV, by the UNSW Sydney Center for Social Research in Health (CSRH), is jointly released with The Australian Federation of AIDS Organization (AFAO).

Malaria Diagnosis Improved Using Old Smartphones

Their ambitious attempt to improve the diagnosis of malaria in developing countries has clinched them the runner-up spot in the international James Dyson Award 2018. Over 212 million cases of malaria are reported annually, with the majority of incidences occurring in Sub-Saharan Africa.

However, a lack of medical resources means blood sample analysis is often delayed, leading to errors and ultimately high mortality rates. Seeking to improve the efficiency and accuracy of diagnosis, a group of students from Delft University of Technology are developing Excelscope, a semi-automated malaria diagnostic device.

High Yield Cell-Free Protein Expression Kit Introduced

AMSBIO introduces ALiCE® – a new high yield cell-free protein expression system. Cell-free protein expression (CFPE) is today used by protein chemists to quickly produce small amounts of proteins when screening DNA libraries. However current technologies are limited and there is a need for higher protein expression yields.