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Non-optimized Medications Could Cost Your Life

Rising drug prices have got a lot of attention lately, but the actual cost of prescription medications is more than just the bill. Researchers estimate that illness and death resulting from non-optimized medication therapy costs $528.4 billion annually.

Existence Of A Scan Speed Related Phenomenon In Contact-Mode AFM

Specifically, contact-resonance spectroscopy is used to interrogate this phenomenon. Above a critical scan speed, a monotonic decrease in the recorded contact-resonance frequency is observed with increasing scan speed. Proper characterization and understanding of this phenomenon are necessary to conduct accurate quantitative imaging using contact-resonance AFM, and other contact-mode AFM techniques, at higher scan speeds.

Flare-Responsive Hydrogel Developed to Treat Arthritis

Bioengineers and physicians at Brigham and Women's Hospital have developed a hydrogel – a soft, flexible material that can be loaded with arthritis drugs and injected into an inflamed joint – that respond to increased disease activity during flares, releasing the drug when symptoms worsen. The findings, published in Nature Communications, provide a better delivery system for getting anti-inflammatory therapies to the sites where they are needed most.

Tumor Cell Micro-environment Can be Softened By Ionizing Radiation

Researchers from Vanderbilt University aim to unlock how irradiation might alter the mechanical properties of the microenvironment. The study, reported in the APL Bioengineeringdemonstrated that ionizing radiation can reduce the stiffness of both the extracellular matrix of an extracted tumor and an isolated matrix of collagen fibers. The results pave the way for irradiation to be used to create matrices with tailored properties.