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Function Of The Epidermal Barrier In Patients With Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic, recurrent inflammatory skin disease, which is frequently familial. The main cause of the disease seems to be a defect of the epidermal barrier resulting from a genetic predisposition concerning the epidermis, functioning of the immune system as well as environmental factors. Genes responsible for encoding protein S100, filaggrin, proteases and their inhibitors are the main genes related to the problem of epidermal barrier dysfunction.

Latinos More Likely To Have Healthy Hearts

A new study examines that Latinos who are the most optimistic are more likely to have healthy hearts. Out of more than 4,900 people of Latino/Hispanic ancestry living in the U.S. Few of the individuals who scored low in optimism met the criteria for ideal heart health, Hernandez and her co-authors found. However, each percentage point increase in confidence was associated with a better cardiovascular health score.

Drug-Resistant 'Nightmare Bacteria' Pose Growing Threat

A study determines "Nightmare bacteria" with unusual resistance to antibiotics of last resort were found more than 200 times in the United States The problem mostly strikes people in hospitals and nursing homes who need IVs and other tubes that can get infected. In many cases, others in close contact with these patients also harbored the superbugs even though they were not sick a risk for further spread.

Space Radiation May Be Dangerous For Travelling Astronauts

According to a study, researchers examined that space radiation may be a bigger worry for voyaging astronauts than scientists had thought, at least soon. The radiation dose rates from measurements obtained over the last four years exceeded trends from previous solar cycles by at least 30%, showing that the radiation environment is getting far more intense.