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A Dietary Supplement Speeds Melanoma Cell Growth

According to a study, researcher determines that a dietary supplement taken to strengthen joints, i.e, Chondroitin sulfate. One particular mutation in the B-raf gene (V600E) can be found in about half of melanomas. Jing Chen, Ph.D. and colleagues found that chondroitin sulfate can boost growth by melanoma cells carrying the V600E mutation, but not other melanoma cells. The study was published in Molecular Cell.

Image-Guided Cancer Surgery Improved

By mimicking the intricate visual system of a butterfly, researchers have created a camera that provides surgeons with both a traditional color image as well as a near-infrared image that makes fluorescently labeled cancerous cells visible even under bright surgical lighting.

The new camera is designed to help surgeons remove all the cancerous cells without damaging healthy tissue, making it less likely that cancer will spread and reducing the need for multiple surgeries.