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Active Surveillance for Small Renal Masses

According to a new study, the growth rates of small renal masses (SRMs) are highly variable early on during active surveillance, especially in the first 6 to 12 months, but this decreases with time and does not portend death or adverse pathologic features of the tumor. The study was published in the issue of Journal of Urology.

To Improve Training In Life-Saving Bleeding Control Techniques

People die from bleeding each year, and though injuries that result in extreme blood loss have long been a sight all too common in areas like West Philadelphia, the national spotlight has certainly shone upon the issue of late. These days it seems everyone has a dog in the fight; as politicos battle over gun control legislation, teens march in the streets advocating for improved school safety measures, and debates wear on across the dinner table, trauma experts at the national, state and local levels are taking cues from decades-long CPR awareness campaigns to improve public education and training in life-saving bleeding control (B-Con) techniques.

Effects Of Living In Space On The Human Body

NASA's Project Mercury was the United States' first human-in-space program. Six astronauts carried out successful one-person spaceflights that offered physicians and scientists the first opportunity to observe the effects of living in space on the human body. "Spaceflight data is hard to come by; we should remember what's already been done, so we can make the most of new opportunities to do human research in space," said corresponding author Dr. Virginia Wotring. The study was published in the journal Microgravity.

Microtubules Play Vital Roles In Chromosome Segregation And Molecular Transport

Researcher estimated microtubules not only confer mechanical stability on cells and help to dictate their forms, but they also serve as an intracellular transport network. Cells possess an internal skeleton, which enables them to alter their form and actively migrate. This 'cytoskeleton' is composed of some filament systems, of which microtubules are one. As the name suggests, a microtubule is a cylinder. Its wall is made up of 13 protofilaments, each consisting of heterodimeric subunits containing two related tubulin proteins. The study was published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

Shortwave Infrared Fluorescence Imaging Could Enable Sharper Biological Imaging

Researchers used Fluorescence Imaging is widely used for visualizing biological tissues such as the back of the eye, where signs of macular degeneration can be detected. It is also commonly used to image blood vessels during reconstructive surgery, allowing surgeons to make sure the vessels are properly connected. For these procedures, such as imaging tumors, researchers use a portion of the light spectrum known as the near-infrared (NIR), 700 to 900 nanometers, just beyond what the human eye can detect.

New Method to Repair Cells Deep Inside The Ear

Researchers have found a new approach to fix cells deep inside the ear, which could help millions of people who suffer hearing loss. Researchers at USC and Harvard have developed a new approach to repairing cells deep inside the ear, a potential remedy that could restore hearing for millions of elderly people. The lab study demonstrates a novel way for a drug to zero in on damaged nerves and cells inside the ear. It's a potential remedy for a problem that afflicts two-thirds of people over 70 years and 17% of all adults in the United States.

Keeping Fit Helps To Fight Genetic Risk Of Heart Disease

According to a study, researchers examine that physical activity helps to prevent a high genetic risk for heart disease still works to keep your heart healthy. In one of the largest observational studies on fitness and heart disease, researchers examined data collected from nearly a half-million people in the UK Biobank database. The study was published in Circulation.

A New Evidence For The Value The Protective Role Of Estrogens

The study exhibits the epidemiological data; researchers demonstrate the value of estrogen supplementation from the onset of menopause. They also show that only one of the three estrogen receptors seems to be involved in this mechanism. This could ultimately provide more targeted therapies. An explosion of type 2 diabetes cases for women after menopause. The study was published in JCI Insight.

Evaluation Of Skin Diseases Amongst Moroccan Fishermen

The Purpose of the study is to examine the prevalence of skin diseases amongst fishermen, to specify the different clinical forms, associations and most frequent localisations, and to identify potential aetiological factors. The secondary objectives were to assess the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of seafarers regarding occupational dermatoses to conduct information, awareness and education campaigns on risk factors and behaviors and to propose adapted prevention.

Video Monitoring: Simulation-Based Quality Improvement Program in India

To provide facilitators the ability to conduct video-guided debriefs and measure changes in technical and nontechnical skills of mentees, we developed a large-scale video monitoring system that evaluates both simulations and debriefs in Bihar, India.

The aim of the overall study was to examine changes in technical and nontechnical skills in simulated clinical scenarios in a large-scale quality improvement project. This article describes the feasibility and design of the video monitoring system and the coding process.