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Effect of Stressors in European Professional Football Referees

In contrast to the available scientific evidence among current professional football players, scientific evidence about the stressors that play a role in the onset of symptoms of CMD among professional football referees is not available yet.

Based on a similar study among players, a plausible assumption is that physical and psychosocial stressors such as severe injuries, surgeries, adverse life events and lower social support are likely to induce symptoms of CMD among professional football referees.

Childhood Obesity: Prevention with Effective Community-Based Strategies

To improve success rates and combat continuing disparities in the fight against childhood obesity, the Childhood Obesity Declines Project (COBD) is taking a systematic approach to studying community-based strategies that have led to declining obesity rates.

A comprehensive overview of the rationale behind the COBD, its goals, and overall design is presented in a special supplement to Childhood Obesity, a peer-reviewed journal from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers.